Client Testimonials

Few testimonials from our global clientele.

I have been a kidney patient since 2011. I was admitted into the hospital in Abuja, Nigeria for my kidney Failure. I am very thankful to Worthy healthcare who helped me to made my whole Medical trip easy & reasonable to India. They helped me to meet the best the doctors, Best hospital for Kidney Transplant who had taken such a good care. The International Patient Lounge is an excellent option for international patients as it provides full support. My overall experience at the Hospital has been appreciable and I would definitely recommend this Organisation. I had a successful operation last year mid.

Ibiti Oluhemi, Nigeria

I am from Kenya. Choice of Hospital & Doctors are extremely friendly and approachable. They have explained the procedure and the course of action to me. It has given me confidence to go ahead with the treatment. I am very happy to say that my treatment was done brilliantly and I am feeling better every day. The nurses and other medical staff are quick to respond to the patient’s call for help. I was impressed with the state-of-the-art facilities of the hospital. Worthy Healthcare has been a boon for me and I would like to thank management for their good work.

Chavity, Kenya

I was told before that I would probably never have a child of my own, that pregnancy wouldn’t be something that I would ever experience, and that my husband and I should consider adoption. But long and behold, my beautiful baby girl is here and just turned one. The pregnancy had complications but he caught it right away by symptoms that were so minor that maybe would have been overlooked by others. Dr. Pai was there for me every time I had a concern or question. And I have never been left feeling that something might not go right! That is a priceless feeling! I thank Dr. Pai for giving my family a chance to be complete and seeing us through on every step of the way.

My good wishes to Worthy Healthcare who support me ,Guide me & make my life worthy.

Mr & Mrs Hauwe, Abuja, Nigeria