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Organ Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow transplant is also known as haemopoietic stem cell transplant and it replaces damaged bone marrow with healthy stem cells; however, it is a non-surgical treatment method widely used in organ transplant surgery methods as well as in treatment of carcinogenic diseases like hepatitis C, hepatocellular carcinoma, cirrhosis, biliary stricture, etc. and complex disorders that involve complications of gallbladder, bile, bile ducts and in transplant surgery of Liver. According to medical analysis, stem cells in bone marrow generate three types of blood cells like red blood cells, white blood cells, and Platelets.

Organ Bone Marrow Transplant in India: changed scenario

In recent past bone marrow transplant was mostly done in 1st world countries and in India it was considered an intricate and complicated surgery due to lack of adequate infrastructure. But things are changed now. Not only the best hospitals in India are equipped with adequate infrastructure, here doctors and nursing associates are skilled enough to accommodate complicated transplant surgeries like liver transplant, kidney transplant, etc. For obvious reason the advanced methods of organ bone marrow transplant is getting done in India with great success and recovery rate.

How the process is done in India

Clinical treatment

Bone marrow transplant method in India includes two chief activities: these are the harvesting of the Stem Cells and the transplantation of the Stem Cells. The process for collecting stem cells is the same for both allogenic and autologous bone marrow transplants process in India. In this process, bone marrow is extracted, under general anesthesia, from major bone structure for example as the hip and the spine. In the second phase, the real transplantation procedure is done. The hospitals and health care research center that perform bone marrow transplant method in India have a special and equipped bone marrow transplant unit that is highly sterile. The best precaution is maintained because bone marrow transplant can induce infections due to lower scale of immunity of the related patients.

Cognitive treatment

In most of the hospitals and research care units, organ bone marrow transplant process is done with adequate emotional counseling so that patients and their family members can get a complete knowledge and possible outcomes of this clinical process. This support services include:

• Counseling and due monitoring at pre-transplant stage
• Providing social and emotional support that will help patients to cope with pain and trauma
• Monthly classes and emotional support system for patients and their family members.

These support services are done free of cost and for offering better and extended help for patients to know about this extensive treatment method.
Medical tourism in India has earned global respect for its astounding success in medical treatment despite its low cost treatment package. With the recovery rate, good medical care and backup here in India the treatment of transplant surgery is done with best care and precision.

Some of best hospitals in India for transplant surgery

Some of the best hospitals in India famous and successful for transplant surgery and bone marrow transplantation are Fortis Hospital, Apollo Hospital, AIMS (Delhi), Coimbatore kidney hospital, Manipal hospital (Bangalore), Christian medical college(Vellore, Tamil Nadu), etc..