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Health Checkup

Routine whole Body Check up

A routine whole body checkup is highly essential to remain healthy at times. There are times when we overlook our health and then are later diagnosed with any health problem or disease. If you are over 35 then the routine checkup becomes highly necessary. This checkup becomes inevitable for you if you have any family history of illness and history of any disease such as depression, asthma, headache, diabetes or any other heart disease. Before you get an onset of any of the diseases, it is always better to get a routine whole body checkup at Worthy Healthcare in order to prevent tough times.

There are a number of medical tests that we do including blood and urine tests, vitamins check, kidney function test with urea, blood & serum creatinine, diabetes tests both blood sugar PP and fasting, CT calcium scoring, lipid profile tests, thyroid function tests – T3, T4 and TSH, pulmonary lung function tests, total body fat percentage and others. We can also develop customized body checkup packages according to your health and medical condition. You just need to make us aware about your health concern and that we will provide you with the best medical facilities.

Brief Whole body check up

A brief body checkup is necessary from time to time ensure that your health is doing fine and no other health issue has worsened. If you have any health problem especially of blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis then it is must for you to get yourself checked at regular intervals. Our medical professionals suggest to get a checkup done for these health problems at least in a fortnight. Since blood pressure can shoot high or go down in a minute, it is important to keep a track of it and take necessary medication accordingly.

We have professionals that do all the tests including liver function test, kidney function test, cholesterol, lipid profile, diabetes, thyroid and others. Only fresh syringes are used for the tests and the blood samples are kept carefully. We ensure that no blood sample is confused with any other patient’s sample and the name of the patient is written on the sample bottle. In addition to this, all these tests are done with 99.99% accuracy, so you don’t have to keep any doubts with the accuracy and perfection. We will give you the accurate health reports and will guide you further accordingly.